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Duo Dengue Ag + IgG/IgM Rapid Test

₹ 4000

₹ 1139

Pack Size:10 test/kit

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Discover the ultimate solution for fast and accurate dengue fever testing with our Dengue Fever Rapid Test kits. Our comprehensive range includes Dengue NS1 Rapid Test, Dengue Rapid Diagnostic Test, and Dengue Rapid Test Kit, offering precise and quick results. Learn about the cost of Duo Dengue Rapid Test, price of the Dengue Duo Kit, and where to find Dengue Test prices near you. Understand what the Duo Dengue Test entails, and explore the Dengue Duo Test NS1 Positive and Dengue Duo Test IgM Positive results. CTK Biotech’s Onsite Dengue Duo Test procedure ensures reliability. Discover the cost of CTK Dengue Test Kits, the accuracy of CTK Dengue Tests, and how to interpret CTK Duo Dengue Test results. Dive into the Dengue IgG/IgM Test procedure and learn how to purchase Duo Dengue Test CTK Onsite. Get information on the cost of Dengue Duo Combo Sets, and find CTK Biotech distributors in India, including CTK Biotech India. For fast, dependable testing, CTK Biotech’s Dengue Rapid Test Kits are the preferred choice.

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