OSCAR Dengue Ag (NS1) + Ab (Igm/IgG) Rapid Test

₹ 4500

₹ 1002

Pack Size:10 Test/Kit

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Detect dengue infection comprehensively and quickly with our Dengue Ag (NS1) + Ab (IgM/IgG) Rapid Test. This test is designed to simultaneously detect dengue antigen (NS1) and dengue antibodies (IgM/IgG) in the bloodstream, providing a comprehensive picture of the infection status. With high sensitivity and specificity, our rapid test delivers reliable and timely results, aiding in the accurate diagnosis and management of dengue. The Dengue Ag (NS1) + Ab (IgM/IgG) Rapid Test can be conveniently performed at home or in a clinical setting, offering convenience and peace of mind. Take control of your health and order our fast and effective Dengue Ag (NS1) + Ab (IgM/IgG) Rapid Test today

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